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Camping des 3 étangs

Camping** Municipal de Rosporden

Open from Monday 29 June to Sunday 30 August 2020


The campsite is ideally situated in a green and tranquil location on the banks of the river Aven, just before it flows into the 3 ponds. The complex covers nearly 5000 m2 with 48 individual pitches separated by hedges and shrubs.

Being close to the third pond and the "green road" connecting Roscoff to Concarneau, the campsite is the perfect holiday spot for lovers of nature and outdoor activities.

The campsite is accredited with the "Accueil Vélo” label, guaranteeing a warm reception and appropriate services to users of the cycle routes.

Campers may also enjoy the sports complex located only a hundred meters from the Campsite. Activities include : indoor swimming pool, covered or outdoor tennis courts, sports fields etc.

Rosporden is located just 13 km from Concarneau, 14 km from Pont-Aven and 22 km from Quimper. The spectacular coastal features of Pointe du Raz and Crozon are 70 and 90 km away respectively.

The town is served by a TGV station, about 500 metres from the campsite. From the station, the Coralie bus network will take you to the beaches of Concarneau.


The Services

  • Barbecues
  • Freezer
  • Dining Table
  • Beach Bus

For young people

  • Playgrounds in the camping
  • Youth space in the sports complex

The labels

The activities

  • Petanque (balls available at the reception)
  • Fishing (on 3 ponds)/
  • Hiking bike (on the Green Lane)
  • Aquatic area
  • Tennis (free outdoor area/room on reservation)
  • Football fields
  • Orientation Course
  • Boulodrome (only Breton ball, on reservation)
  • Accrobranche (A Melgven – 10 min.)


  • Green Lane (some steps)
  • Sports Complex (some steps away)
  • Three ponds (1 min.)
  • City Centre of Rosporden (2 min.)
  • Tourist Office (2 min.)
  • Supermarket (2 min.)
  • Concarneau (15 min.)
  • Beaches (15 min.)
  • Quimper (20 min.)

What to do & see nearby?

The Ponds of Rosporden

A few steps from the campsite, you will discover 3 beautiful ponds and their surrounding trails. The ponds were formed by a dam across the River Aven. The origin of the Ponds goes back to the Middle Ages, and the development of the bustling village known as "Ros Preden". A large lake served as protection for the city and a source of fish for the then lord.

At the end of the 19th century, the construction of a railway line across the lake, created the 3 ponds we see today. A footpath has been established around the 3 ponds, providing a very pleasant 4 km walk.

Fishing enthusiasts will find roach, carp, tench, pike and perch. The Rosporden ponds are one of the few bodies of water in the department where night carp fishing is permitted. A re-stocking carp program is underway as part of the "Parcours Famille" fishing federation label.

The Aven and surrounding rivers also offer great opportunities for trout and salmon fishermen.

The Pierre Loti circuit

Pierre Loti was a famous novelist, naval officer and member of the French Academy. He stayed in Rosporden many times, at the house of his friend Pierre Le Cor. Le Cor was the hero of one his most famous works ‘My Brother Yves’ which is set in Rosporden, Toulven in the novel. The author has devoted many tales of the Rosporden area in his diaries.

Rosporden is one of the ‘Lotivilles’ and the proposed itinerary allows visitors to discover the places evoked by Loti in his work.

Click on the link to discover the brochure: On the steps of Pierre Loti to Rosporden

The Green Lane No. 7

On foot, on horseback or by bike, the greenway No. 7 offers beautiful excursions along the old Breton railway network crossing Finistere from north to south and with a brief diversion into the Morbihan, passing through the beautiful landscape of the Monts d’Arrées and Black Mountains.

From the campsite:

> Rosporden/Scaër: 13 km

> Rosporden/Concarneau: 12 km

> Rosporden/Roscoff: 128 km

Religious heritage

The history of Brittany began in the 5th and 6th centuries, Breton migrants accompanied by Monks (from Brittany Islands) settled in Armorica. Amongs them were the seven Saints who formed the seven founding bishoprics of Brittany. It is from this period that the Christian conversion of continental Brittany took hold. The strong religious faith of Bretons led to the gradual construction and dedication of religious buildings across the region. From the 15th to the 17th century the economy flourished and Parishes built Chapels and Stone Crosses. Many of these buildings are now protected National monuments. In the countryside around Rosporden there are may hiking trails between between these religious sites. Chapels such as Loc Maria An Hent and Le Moustoir were stopping points for pilgrims doing the Tro Breizh.

Rosporden/Kernével : Saint Eloi, The Moustoir, Locjean, Sainte Yvonne
Saint Yvi : Locmaria An Hent
Melgven : Good News, Saint Anthony, The Trinity, Cadol, Coat an Poudou
elliant : Saint Cloud, Tréanna
tourch : Locunduff

The Pont-Aven Museum

The famous art movement known as the "Ecole de Pont Aven" and the iconic painter Paul Gauguin needs no introduction. The Museum presents many Artworks through entertaining, educational and accessible installations. Visitors can stroll through the museum discovering the artists in comfort while admiring the wonderful views of the town and the garden "Charles Filiger".


The Fishing Museum

The "Musée de la Pêche" is located in the Ville Close (walled town) in Concarneau. In the Museum you will find a rich collection of boats, everyday objects and models under the name "Musée de France". The Hémérica side trawler is the flagship of the collection and is moored at the museum's quay. Visiting the trawler provides an intriguing insight into the every day life of the trawler-men, including their living space, the bridge and the fish hold.


The Coat Loc’h Forest

The Green Lane passes through the 310 ha regional forest known as Coat Loc’h Forest. From the original Breton, Coat Loc’h Forest means "wood of the Pond". A walk through the Beech groves is a step back in time in the footsteps of the clog makers hewing clogs in their wooden huts known as lodges.

The Forest Lodge was built in 1838. No longer used by the forest rangers. It now serves as the central point for Bird watchers and lovers of wild fauna such as : bats, various tits (blue, coal, great, long-tailed and crested), tree creeper and Eurasian nuthatch. Deers, foxes and other animals can be seen if you move carefully and quietly through the forest.

About ten kilometers from the Ponds of Rosporden via the Green Lane, the Coat Loch Forest trail is a must-see. On site, you will find various well signpo Camping des trois étangs.

Click on the link to discover the map: Map of Coat Loch

The Aerodrome Bretagne Atlantique

Continuing a few kilometers along the Green Lane from the Coat Loc'h forest, thrill seekers are well catered for at the Guiscriff airfield: first flight experience in a light plane or ultralight, parachute jumping, pilot training ... There is something for everyone.


Associated with the aerodrome is a unique shooting range, the only one in Brittany with targets set at 300 meters. The site also offers two other shooting ranges, one for the 25m pistol, the second a rifle range with targets set at 50, 100, 200 meters.


The Guiscriff station museum

Situated along the Morbihan section of the Green Lane n° 6, the commune of Guiscriff has converted the old station into a museum space dedicated to the old Breton railway network. During the visit, you will discover the history of the Breton railway, railway trades, rolling stock, goods traffic, and life from the 19th to the 21st century in central Brittany. Entertainment, coffee, hiking ... wait for you there (link to the museum's website).




  • Adult camper (and child from 11 years old)

    4 €

  • Child (2 to 10 years old)

    3,00 €

  • Location

    3,50 €

  • Vehicle (car and motorcycle)

    3 €

  • CAMPING-CAR package/overnight stay

    12 €

    - from 1 to 3 nights : 50 €/ night
    - from 4 nights : 30 €/ night


    2 adults, 1 pitch, 1 vehicle, 1 connection) - 14 €/night

  • 3a Electrical Connections

    3 €

  • Dead Garage

    4,5 €

  • Animal

    2 €

  • Tourist tax (per person over 16 years old)

    0,20 €

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